Petitioning Philippa Atkinson Marmite Brand Manager

Change Marmite Label to 100 per cent Vegan instead of 100 percent Vegetarian

Recent analysis by VegfestUK of Google Trends shows that Vegan has overtaken vegetarian as a leading market trend. The Vegan trend doubled from 2015 to 2016 and is set to further dramatically rise in 2017. It's time Marmite recognised that the term vegetarian is fast becoming redundant and vegan represents a more dynamic, meaningful, purer, more sustainable and ethical benchmark to aspire to. If one is trying to convey a message of 100% plant-based and purity then vegan is the only term that lives up to an adequate terminology for a premium grade product Marmite should replace 100%vegetarian label with 100%vegan with immediate effect.

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  • Philippa Atkinson Marmite Brand Manager

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