Bromley Council why hasnt anything been done about the Derelict Site at 35-37 Southend Rd

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Bromley Council why hasnt anything been done about the Derelict Site at 35-37 Southend Rd

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Susan Movahedi started this petition to Philip Spiteri (Bromley Council) and

Update: 9 May 2016 - its now been a year since the petition was set up - but we are no further forward - Cllr Mellor has tried his best to keep the matter under discussion at Council meetings - but again to no avail.  

Apart from Cllr Mellor there has been no visible support from Bromley Council to get this site sorted out.

Bob Stewart our local MP has written today to say that although it is not usual protocol for MPs to get involved in Council affairs he has asked one of his staff who lives nearby to have a look at the site and report back to him.  He said he remembers visiting the site back in 2010 with Counsellor Mellor and Counsellor Tickner but he didnt get any helpful answers to his enquiries either.

The question that now needs to be asked is why the owner has been allowed to get away with ignoring Court Orders and why is he and the the departments in Bromley Council responsible for this land not being held to account??

Update 19 May 2015:

The flimsy fencing has been shoddily repaired yet again but we need something longer term done about the Derelict Site 35-37 Southend Road, BR3 1SP. What is the Council's longer term strategy for this site? or do we just wait for the next high winds for the fencing to fall down again and expose the rubbish that is being dumped on the site? We have put up with this eyesore for over 17 years it is time for something to be done please.

The site is not only an eye sore but more worryingly a health and safety hazard. It is full of rubbish, dumped furniture and goodness knows what else. 

The cheap, ugly, flimsy corrugated fencing around the site backs onto the 54 bus stop and also runs adjacent to the pavement along Stumps Hill Lane.  Whenever there are strong winds the fencing falls down and blocks the pavement which is a hazard in itself but then also makes the site accessible to all and sundry and for who knows what.

This is a disaster waiting to happen and the despite numerous reports by the people who live in the area of the broken fencing, dumped rubbish and concerns about the safety of the site, the environmental team at Bromley Council appear to be oblivious and dismissive of the danger the site poses to the local community and have always claimed "there are too many problems in dealing with the site owner"!

Stumps Hill Lane is a busy pedestrian cut through from Worsley Bridge Road to the 54 bus stop and also for families walking to and from Worsley Bridge School - in addition of course to it being used every day by the people who actually live in Porchester Mead and Stevens Close.

Since the original house was demolished in 1998 – yes 17 years ago - Bromley Council just continue to issue Notices to the owners but these are simply ignored. So they just reissue more. 

Even so the only thing that the "absent" owners are required to do is clear up the site and fence the area off which continues to fall down and the site just gets dumped on again.  

It is time for Bromley Council to take stronger action and do something about this hazard NOW.

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This petition had 96 supporters