Reverse the National Insurance Increase for the Self Employed

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I am self employed. I, like many others, work long hours and have always paid our taxes and National Insurance contributions.

But now I am being penalised by a Tory party who have, to this date, billed themselves as the 'party for business' - and holding to their manifesto mandate of not increasing taxes.

They have broken both pledges and I urge you all to sign this petition to get the Government to think again before penalising small businesses in our country.

Self employed people are the life blood of the UK. Not only do they contribute to our healthy economy but they offer a range of expertise in many areas of the business community.

Whilst owners of larger companies are being offered an incentive by lowering the corporation tax paid, the self employed are being penalised by an increase in their taxation.

It was a gamble when I started being self employed (after 20 years of being employed). Would my business succeed? But I was determined to make it work. BUT if I was just starting out and considering becoming self-employed NOW, I would have second thoughts after Wednesdays budget proposals.

Perhaps the Tory party should be billed as the 'party for BIG business' only! 

Please sign this petition and make the Government reverse these truly damaging increases.