Working Students For Night Classes

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Does this apply to you?
"If I want to stay in the iSchool program I have to ask my employer for a full day off because none of the Core Classes are offered at night".

If it's not happening to you right now, it's happening to your classmate on the other side of the room. It's also happening to classmates you'll never be able to work with because they can't seem to get the right classes to graduate. In fact, in a Core Class offered on a Monday night, there was overwhelming distress and anger towards the lack of adequate programming available. We are students and we want to be here, but not at the risk of losing our jobs or risking financial loss!

The Summer and Fall 2018 Course offerings have been released and there are no evening Core Classes available, which will delay students from graduating or force them to take classes they're not interested in, or force them to fill their degree with credits just to get to graduation.


What Has Been Done About This?
During the discussion in the Core class that evening, multiple emails were sent to the administration suggesting:
1. Core Classes be dropped as a requirement or offered in the evening.
2. More specialty classes are offered at night (we're looking at you Nordquist)!

So far we have yet to get a response.

What Can You Do About It?
Students enrolled at the iSchool are offered the promise that we can accomplish an innovative degree even with part-time status. Student voices and decisions carry more weight. Sign This Petition and SEND IT TO EVERYONE AT THE iSCHOOL. 

We can shape our own education. It's why we're here in the first place. Let's make some change.

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