No to 3% mandatory

No to 3% mandatory

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Fernan San started this petition to philhelth new rules

Dear PhilHealth,

Thank you for thinking of our dependents healthcare while we are abroad. That’s so nice of you. But no thanks.

To the proponents of this new law, what do you think you’re doing?

A person working in the Philippines is not obliged to pay PhilHealth if he wants to travel wherever. What makes him less or more Filipino? Lest we don’t need to pay a ‘health’ insurance to travel in and out of the country.

Is it our fault that we found a living in a land of milk and honey? Why do we have to take extra burden just because we’re working abroad? Why do you have to make us feel that we owe you where we are right now?

In case you still don’t know or have chosen to not know, we are staying overseas for 99.9% of the time. When we get sick, our company-provided medical insurance takes care of the bills. We get comprehensive coverage and convenient care and support. So where does PhilHealth become useful for us then? When we go home for vacation? NOT REALLY. Because we are enjoying a good international coverage as well.

Not to mention, our dependents get the same coverage and entitlements too.

So in common sense, membership to PhilHealth should not be mandatory. We don’t need redundant health insurance, lest an extra one that care less.

To charge a premium worth 3% of our monthly salary for something that we won’t be using is beyond unfair. To increase it up to 5% in the comings years, regardless of the income ceiling, is unthinkable. And the timing of this announcement is very uncalled for and insensitive, to say the least. If there’s even a little area of concern from you, you would know that a big number of workers abroad are now struggling to make both ends meet having been terminated abruptly at work, or having been placed on forced unpaid leave.

You cannot just cut some more to an already ailing open wound.

Insensitive and lack of empathy
Your slogan says Philhealth is ‘supposedly‘ our partner in health. But the message that reaches us says, we are your partner in wealth.

Your function looks good on papers. But this mandate looks like not given much emotional, intellectual, and practical thoughts. Also, can you please revisit and dig deeper into your core values, “Integridad, Inobasyon, Agarang Serbisyo, Taos-Pusong Paglilingkod, Pagmamalasakit, Angkop na Benepisyo, Panlipunang Pagkakabuklod.“

When people have trust issues already, you don’t go out there asking for more money – as if it is the best news to topple the already gloomy news landscape in the world.

This so-called ‘new dawn of health care’ looks more like a ‘new damn’ of health care, at least to the paying ones. Where is the empathy?

Lastly, does PhilHealth have coverage for anger management? If we have one immediate need, it probably is the cure for anger and the drastic effects this new law has given our mental health.

A middle-class Filipino working overseas

My fellow OFW, please copy paste on your profile.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!
At 1,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!