save the Arctic

save the Arctic

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Started by Nate Dixon

Hi, My name is Nate,
I have an idea with Project Subzero create a nontoxic chemical that will help cool down the Arctic.
Did you know that 20 years ago in the Arctic the average temperature was about -20 degrees Celsius?
Now the average temperature is about -15 degrees. If this continues, the Arctic will be completely melted by 2035. There are already chemicals that do this, but most of them are very toxic and the ones that aren't toxic are extremely expensive.
My goal is to raise $1,500 to help speed up the process of making the safe version of the chemical.
That covers one problem, the second problem is distributing the chemical.
This can be solved in two ways. One way is we could use drones to distribute it in specific spots so we don't waste any. The second way is by using planes to drop hundreds of pounds of the chemical all over the Arctic.
Most likely I would go with option number one because it is much cheaper and is much more targeted.
It's very important that we solve this problem because if we don't the water levels will rise and if this happens we'll start having more floods and more animals will start to go extinct.
In conclusion, this is a very serious problem and will be catastrophic to the environment if it's not fixed soon.

10 have signed. Let’s get to 25!