“Jury states, “ILLEGAL SEARCH WAS BASED SOLELY ON PROFILING” Black man still convicted!

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Bias Philly Judge Anne Marie Coyle persuades jury to convict man, despite the jury unanimously stating their discomfort of inconsistent testimony by Philadelphia police, as well as them agreeing that the search was illegal and based solely on racial profiling!

On Nov 23, 2017, Tyrone Griffin was pulled over driving a Chevy Camaro with tinted windows by Philadelphia 14th District Officer Johnathan Alvarez (Badge#1367) and William Benson (Badge #1940). After producing his license and proper vehicle information Tyrone Griffin and his passenger Dion Sims were asked to step out of the vehicle and questioned about gun permits and placed in the back of the officer’s patrol car while they searched the Camaro. After conducting the illegal search officers decided to fabricate a story of a strong odor of marijuana that later on both officers changed testimony regarding the alleged odor. At no time, was marijuana/paraphernalia discovered on the defendant, passenger, or vehicle.

In racially diverse 14th District, Philly police target black drivers 3 times more than whites. “Driving while black” is a general statement but it is happening in the city of Philly. The police department is using traffic violations as a way to invade someone’s privacy in hopes to find something illegal. When you hear things such as elected government officials profiling you are using a softer term to describe racism.

A black man was racially profiled, searched without cause, sentenced under a judge with racist history, even after the jury stated that they felt the accused was profiled and illegally searched. They were advised to not consider that in determining guilt by Judge Anne Marie Coyle. Judge Anne Marie Coyle is a part of a system that is throwing black men in jail, revoking bail, and ordering them to pay money to a racist and classist “So Called” criminal justice system.

Demand answers- by calling the judicial administrative leadership at (215) 683-7020 or (215) 686-8334. Please state the following.

“ I appreciate the hard work and dedication the vast majority of the city’s judges and judicial leaders bring to Philly by leading and being fair in the courts. As a voter, taxpayer, and a person who wants to believe that the constitution protects minorities, I need those judicial leaders to take immediate-and public-action to remove Judge Anne Marie Coyle from the bench for obstruction of justice and Tyrone Griffin (MC-51-CR-0035338-2017) acquitted of all charges.”