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Promote Innovation and Support Sharing in Philadelphia

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Philadelphia Parking Authority: Promote Innovation and Support Sharing in Philadelphia

Ridesharing is a great solution for the transportation problems that face Philadelphia. But the Philadelphia Parking Authority (PPA) doesn’t want ridesharing here despite the known benefits the sharing of resources offers the environment, our local economy and our citizens.

As a Philadelphia native and resident and East Coast Director of the leader in the ridesharing movement, I think sharing of resources should not be a crime and should be allowed in Philadelphia. That’s why I’m asking the PPA to get on board with transportation progress and support sharing in Philly.

In February, the PPA conducted a surprise sting operation on SideCar drivers, impounding three of their personal cars and issuing hefty fines. The PPA, which oversees the Taxi and Limo division in Philly, is threatened by transportation progress, ridesharing, and SideCar. They claim that SideCar is unsafe and an illegal taxi service because drivers in our community do not carry a taxi medallion. The PPA is wrong:

· Philly needs SideCar.  We need an alternative to cabs and public transportation, which are not easily accessible or reliable in all neighborhoods and suburbs of Philadelphia.  

· Ridesharing and carpooling is legal.

· SideCar is safe. We run more checks on our drivers than the PPA does taxis and limos.

· SideCar is not a taxi. We match rides, not dispatch rides.  Our drivers are everyday people who choose to accept requests for shared rides that are convenient for them. Donations are voluntary.

Sharing resources is not a crime – it’s a solution for a better and more sustainable way of life. Ridesharing programs in cities across the country have been increasingly connecting people and serving local transportation needs. Don’t let the PPA hold back innovation in our city.  If the citizens of Philly and other supporters come together and demand the PPA allow ridesharing, they’ll have to listen.

Please sign this petition to support ridesharing as a transportation solution in Philadelphia.


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