In The Philadelphia Prison Work Release Program for trumped up charges attempting parole.

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In December of 2013 I caught a trumped up case for not leaving the 30th St. station in Philadelphia when I was told to leave for no justifiable reason and I felt I had the right to stay while I was patronizing a business. The cops harassed me because at a prior time they ran my name and saw a non-extraditable warrant for malicious mischief in Snohomish County, WA and  all assaulted me, slamming me on a bench in the station screaming "STOP RESISTING" to make it look good. I was not able to make a plea and was found guilty of defiant trespass, resisting arrest, and possession of a half gram of marijuana; with no chance to change the case. This is unjustifiable right off the bat because you cannot legally get a trespassing charge in a public place. I was sentenced to immediate parole with 23 months of back time. 

After catching this case I was picked up for an old warrant for marijuana possession in New Jersey and was not able to report. They did not consider that and furthermore, in court when I was picked up on this warrant nearly 2 years later they said I violated by catching a disorderly persons and threats case in New Jersey. On August 5th, 2014 2 under covers busted me in Las Vegas in a controlled buy of marijuana and I have been locked up ever since. They also said I violated by not reporting when I physically could not, being incarcerated for an old marijuana case in NJ.

This is supposed to be my last case at the moment and I have 10 months in. My sentence maxes out in July of 2017. My judge can parole me any time he wants and I would appreciate as many signatures on this petition as possible so I can attempt to persuade my judge to let me out.

During my incarceration I have been making as good use of my time as possible. I've been writing a lot about various subjects and one thing I have been working on since November 2015 is a project where I am advocating for people's civil rights and things of that nature. I am very eager to get out so I can get more done with this. Some of my work can be seen at:

Recently I started The Philadelphia Mural Arts Apprenticeship Program helping clean eyesores in the city. I have been incarcerated for all but 3 months since November of 2013 for old warrants and victimless crime and I am really tired of this whole mess. Furthermore, I have had zero write ups and have been keeping busy with work and self help programs. I truly believe that 23 months is too much time for a defiant trespassing and resisting arrest charge; even if I really did commit this offense. The problem with this case is that I was in a public place and the police ganged up on me acting like I was resisting when I really wasn't. Then I had a really bad lawyer that did not appeal the case when she was supposed to. I got hit hard because at the time I already had 3 felony and 3 misdemeanor convictions, but all for non-violent and victimless crime.

I have exhausted just about every remedy out there and I hope this works. Here is even a try I did appealing to the federal court asking for an overturn:

This is a good example of how our tax dollars are wasted on a daily basis. Please support this cause. Thank you for your consideration. 

For more information on my available cases, please visit:

Current case in Philly:


Las Vegas:

Type case # C-14-300311-1

Sparta, NJ

Warren County, NJ Theft case from 2006

Outstanding warrant; misdemeanor Snohomish, WA

This is what I was able to provide to prove at least some of my story, that I have never been locked up for any extremely bad cases.

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