Stop Mayor Kenney of Philadelphia from Shutting Down Made of America & keep it at B.F.P.

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I find it disturbing that after 6 years Made in America brought Millions to the City of Philadelphia, 80% of the employees are Philadelphians, the majority of the vendors are from the city and sadly the Mayor office wants to shutdown the festival by removeing it from the Parkway.

I guess it’s safe to say, the Mayors office used Jay Z & his company to bring tourism into the city at a time when the city desperately needed tourism. Sadly, now they want to get rid of the black owned company all together due to a few noise complaints as if there’s never any other complaints during anything else at the Benjamin Franklin Parkway.  

This is one of the cities biggest problems with POCs (People of Color), we feel as though they use us when they need us, but as soon as their done getting what they want, they trash us like we’re nothing and as if we brought no value. This type of behavior is disturbing and as a citizen of Philadelphia I want to know when will this stop? 

It seems to POCs that nothing has changed here in Philadelphia. And let me be the first to call my own city & Mayor out that he would reject the only minority-owned music festival. 

To Jay Z, we the citizens of Philadelphia support you and we demand Made of America stay in Philadelphia & at the Benjamin Franklin Parkway. If you support Made in America and Support it staying at the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, please sign the petition.