Improve Short Term Rentals Laws - Philadelphia

Improve Short Term Rentals Laws - Philadelphia

October 1, 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Franklin Bridge North Neighbors RCO

Many neighborhoods have experienced negative repercussions from short-term rental (Airbnb, VRBO) and limited lodging facilities including the following:
1. Parties that spill onto the street at late night hours with people screaming, dancing, and jumping on cars
2. 20 or 30 persons piling into small spaces (without masks);
3. Prostitution
4. Roof top deck and patio excessive late night noise
5. Inability of police, fire, and EMTs to gain access to the premises as they have no codes for entry
6. No responsible persons to call WHILE THE PROBLEM IS OCCURRING as ownership or management is NOT on the premises

Many of these homes, apartments, condo units, etc… house law abiding short term renters here to enjoy our city and its treasures, but there are some who are disruptive to the fabric of our neighborhoods.

Current laws only deal with licenses, taxes, etc, not quality of life issues!

Zoning - License & Inspections...
Many of these facilities have zoning and L & I requirements that we believe are not being complied with and the City of Philadelphia does not have the information or means to identify and enforce our city laws and ordinances. These places require licenses, permits, compliance with laws, and payment of taxes depending on their category.

We need City Council and the Mayor to act on legislation to curb this offensive conduct WHILE IT IS OCCURRING and we, as citizens, further need to:

1. Identify the problem addresses, the nature of the problem, its frequency and the owner/management response if any

2. We need police, fire, and EMTs to have access codes to shut down the offensive conduct while it is occurring

3. The legislation needs to force these addresses to designate someone local to contact 24/7 to shut down the problem, whatever it may be, and be subject to stiff fines and penalties for failure to do so

4. Roof top decks and outdoor patios need to be closed after hours (after 10PM) where no member of owner/management is on the premises to contact.

5. All new legislation should apply to residential and commercial properties equally.

6. Property owners are responsible for maintaining a safe and code-compliant residence at all times.

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Signatures: 159Next Goal: 200
Support now