Mandate Zoom lectures for Online Classes at Abilene Christian University

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Abilene Christian University professors should provide Zoom Lectures regularly if they choose to teach their class online. Live communication is incredibly effective, and a valuable asset to ACU's great learning experience.

The pandemic is new. No one has ever gone through anything like this and therefore grace should be given in handling new situations like this. But in this case, I disagree with the choice that many Professors do not provide Zoom lectures for their online classes. They substitute lectures and live learning for a few minutes of prerecorded videos a week. Some have gone as far as to only send emails weekly. We are paying full price for our classes (at a PRIVATE UNIVERSITY) and therefore should be receiving a higher quality education with regulation for higher standards of teaching.

As I went through the semester, I heard of this same situation happening to lots of people on campus. As students, we should not sit back and let ACU take our money for something we are not receiving. 

Already as we speak, over 100 people have responded to various polls voicing this problem, and that is just the tip of the iceberg. With the few people I reached, over 60% percent of students are affected by this. If we were to look at that on the full scale of the University, the impact would be enormous. If you have a few minutes of your day, please sign this petition and use your voice to make a change.