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Test results for suspected drunk drivers should be available immediately following a accident

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I am proposing that a new law go into effect. Shirra's Law.

If someone,(anyone, no matter the race or nationality,legal or not), has been in a motor vehicle accident that has caused a death or even an injury that law enforcement should be carrying a kit with them where blood test can be done then and there. My daughter, Shirra, was killed by a drunk driver, this being his 4th offence DUI. Since then he has fled from the law; then recently another young woman was killed and the driver of the car that killed her run. He was captured but my daughters killer has not been found. I was informed by Shawn Judy and Doug Gregg with Washington County Sheriffs Office that if the hospital had done the blood work that it would not have stood up in court. It has to be done by law enforcement.

If you can do a pregnancy test in three minutes you can do a blood alcohol test immediately. There should be someway that law enforcement can prick the finger, put the blood on a card and get results if the person at fault is drinking or under the influence.

When someone gets behind the wheel there should be a clause that by operating a motor vehicle they are agreeing to the implied consent law.

Family members still in search of answers after mother killed in March crash

 Family members still in search of answers after mother killed in March crash

More than six months after a mother was killed in a crash, investigators are still searching for the man accused...

The following is a link to Matthew Robinsons escape.

This is happening way to much and we as citizens of this country need to do something about it.


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