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Ship our packages Intact and On Time!

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For decades we endured unscrupulous behaviour such as; thefts, disorganized, non working tracking system and sheer incompetence by the people behind Phil-Post and Bureau of Customs. They are so quick to increase their rates yet falls flat on their promise of a better and faster service. Theft cases are rampant and nothing has been done and Phil-Post seems to be in cahoots with the Bureau of Customs, holding packages hostage until the recipient(s) pays all sorts of fees and taxes that we don't even know existed.

And for the Government: This is the 21st century, you should be providi Phil-Post/Customs with the latest technocology that could easily streamline service for a faster turnover of packages being shipped thorugh Phil-Post. This will eventuallyimprove the system and deter corruption, unless this is exactly what you are aiming to happen then get ready to close this agencies because more and more people will start using ourside courier for their local and international shipments, that's a guarantee. We're not stupid and we're tired of your Administration's nonchalant attitude towards these issues. Further, make sure that all Phil-Post and Customs employees are well compensated, this is one of the main reason why they are so lazy and corrupt in every sense of the word.

Respect, Sense of Responsibility and Urgency, that is what's missing with the people running Phil-Post. If one pays for Express, that person expects to receive Express Service and not snail mail and in some cases. Parcels and packages never shows up at all. Its a shame and very frustrating not only to us Filipinos but also for the International community who were also being victimized by your treacherous and erroneous sense of service. Wake up, clean your act up and do what you're supposed to do. Serve the people with dignity and honesty!

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