Wolverhampton Housing First for Homeless

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Setup a housing first program to get the homeless off the streets first and then help them. Similar to what Finland does for their homeless. Work with NGOs and in-house organisations to streamline assistance that individuals need but put housing them, in whatever way is possible first.

Even if this means taking any abandoned empty building and setting it up so that homeless people can have somewhere warm and dry to stay. Another solution could be a plot of land somewhere and disused shipping containers converted for at least long term temporary places to stay that have access to amenities and electricity.

Liaise with local companies to help fund the whole ordeal and not only save lives but also help change them for the better. Make some noise and get people involved in the strategy to help solve the problem of more than 100 people constantly homeless on our towns streets.

Employ a team of people including security to maintain and support these places so that homeless people can feel secure and safe. Also liaise with outreach and local soup kitchens and churches to further link in existing and tremendous support.

Homelessness is not going away and even with this attempted solution, will never stop new people becoming homeless so it is inevitable that we need this solution and to see through the existing problems so that people can go from the lowest points of their lives back into a normal life thus making space for any new comers.