Solve NJ DOL IT Failures NOW & Pay UI Benefits

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There is a systems problem at the DOL NJ that is preventing the Department from viewing thousands of claims that were filed between the dates of March 29th and April 2nd.  This error has been verified by the few people who have reached DOL agents by phone.  Their information was never collected by the DOL technology systems that do the processing of claims, and further claims to the verification authorities at the DOL.  Therefore we are in a state of limbo.  

There is a blind-spot to these claims that were entered between March 29th and April 2nd.

While we sympathize with the DOL and its massive workload, we also recognize that they are processing, with little delay, those claims received after April 2nd.  Meanwhile they continue to ignore emails that come in regarding claims that pre-date April 2nd.  This is wrong.

We demand that the DOL recognize this problem in the IT system.

We demand that the DOL process claims chronologically.

We demand that the DOL prioritize those claims skipped over by the system.

We demand that, barring the ability to rectify claims in system, that users who entered claims between February 29 and April 2nd have log-in information wiped in order to RE-FILE claims in order to successfully enter the flow of claims being newly entered into the NJDOL website.

Immediately get these applicants out of 'pending' status and either start processing our applications, or wipe the server information which will allow us to re-instate applications wholly into the system without system error messages telling us that we have already applied.

In detail here are the reasons for this petition and the events leading up to the petition as written to local media print/television outlets NJ/NY:

"I feel as though this might be of interest to your network as it affects, likely, thousands of workers in the area in regards to the Department of Labor system for obtaining Unemployment benefits. A very large number of people who applied during the dates of 29 March through 2 of April are not seeing their ‘claim’ progressing through the system.

The reason that I refer to it as a ‘claim’ is that it truly does not become a claim until the inputed information is received by personnel for assessment.During those dates above, there are hundreds, likely thousands state-wide, that have not seen their claims move from a ‘pending’ status.  

The word pending would normally infer that a judgement is being made or a determination, however in the UI system it signifies that a user has created a log-in and input information as a request for a claim.
Only when the system moves to a ‘filed’ status has the claim request moved to the next step.

The reason that I am reaching out to you today is to ask for your assistance in continuing to educate the public, and those people in government, that our requests for information on these hidden claims is being overlooked.
I believe the State of New Jersey is using numbers of claimants to align sympathy for the organization, while entirely turning a blind eye to those numbers in the system that have no recourse.

I am certain of this system failure or IT problem as I am a flight attendant for a large international air carrier based at Newark International Airport.  I share, with thousands of UI claimants from my company, a FaceBook page which details the claims process.  

Through this page I have seen the frozen applications that have been submitted around those that claimed during those dates (29MAR-02APR). In contrast I have seen an overall success in claim filing for those who have applied after April 2nd.

There is an obvious IT and system outage that occurred sometime around the end of March.  The State has a blind-spot for these claims as they do not know they exist.  This is not merely speculation as there have been the odd one or two claimants to receive an answer by phone. Miracles aside, the claimants have discovered that while they received a ‘claim number’ upon entering and finalizing their request online, the UI service representative has NO RECORD OF THEIR CLAIM ON FILE.

On the mentioned FaceBook page we had a recent poll of how many are within this timeframe and ‘pending’.  OVER 500 on this FaceBook page alone. That does not encompass those not aligned on the page, nor does it address those not enrolled in the page.  And as a more sobering thought, IT DOES NOT ENCOMPASS OTHER INDUSTRIES OR JOB CLASSES.  This is not a corporate issue, but a much larger one. For instance an out of work small-industry worker who applied during those dates won’t have the benefit of knowing that their filing done will likely never be seen, as they are not part of a larger social media group.

Therefore, it is most certain that we are ‘hidden in the system’ in such a way as to be, at best, unknown to the State of New Jersey.

The tools are our disposal go unread and unanswered.
We are unable to re-apply or re-open our cases as the system that first pulled our information has captured our unique identifier (the social security number) as having already enrolled in the process. Our hands are tied.

We have utilized the various numbers offered by the state from the website (which actually route to the same switchboard).  As you already know there is a 99.9% fail rate for this method of contact.
The email address provided by the state does not result in replies.

WE are very desperate here.

And to know that there are thousands of lucky applicants being processed daily on top of this hidden pile makes it seem unlikely that those thousands of people affected will ever find recourse, without some type of intervention.

I, personally, have tried contacting IT department for the State of New Jersey, the Governor’s office, the Lt. Governor, aside from those publicly accessible and offered routes of contact.  
NOTHING has been investigated and return calls are not something that the State government is interested in offering.

May I request that you utilize your resources and further your interest in this scenario to help those many people that are unseen within this New Jersey Unemployment failure. 

There was obviously a systems problem, and while that is understandable due to the large number of claimants utilizing NJ 1980’s technology, the human factor of ignoring those of us who are reaching out daily is not.We do hope for a resolution soon. "


WE have built this petition on behalf of all New Jersey workers stuck in this NJ DOL blind spot.  We understand that these are unprecedented times. We simply ask that our filings not be ignored by the state.

PLEASE get on this!