#SaveBrickSchools Help save Brick Public Schools!

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If you live, work, own property, own a business in Brick, NJ or care about the sanctity of public education then you MUST sign our petition. Thanks to the passing of Bill S2, Brick is no longer receiving any of its state aid, leaving the district without the funds necessary to adequately provide an education to all of our students. The loss of such funds will devastate our school district and our town. 

As you may be aware, Herbertsville Elementary School has been forced to close its door at the end of this school year. This sudden closure leaves many residents wondering whose school will be next? Teachers and staff members have lost their jobs with many more positions at risk. Our students are in jeopardy of losing all extracurricular activities and programs in an attempt to keep our fledgling district open. 

As a district, we will not be able to survive such school aid cuts. Our district will continue to lose money each year as our property taxes continue to increase, all thanks to S2. Our children will ultimately suffer the consequences of these actions as schools are closed, teachers are lost, and sports programs are cut. Classrooms will be even more overcrowded, as classes are consolidated to make up for the loss of staff. 

When is enough going to be enough? At what point will the state realize that penalizing some districts while others flourish is not the answer? 

We are not alone. Senator Sweeney and Governor Murphy have slashed state funding to districts all across this state. Together, we are all fighting for the opportunity to guarantee a fairly funded public education for ALL of our children. Brick deserves fair funding just as much as anyone else.

Please help Brick today! Undo S2! Save our schools! Our children and our teachers are worth it. No more school closures. No more lost jobs. No more overcrowded classrooms. No more S2! Please sign and share our petition. Help our children have an education we can all be proud of. No child should ever be deprived the benefits of a fairly funded public education! Help us today!