Removal of Judge Ziegler from the NJ Family Court

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After experiencing firsthand the inadequate rulings of Judge William Ziegler in the Gloucester County Superior Court yesterday I am asking for support in getting Governor Phil Murphy's office to file a complaint to remove Judge Ziegler from the Family Law court, and also to create a new standard for placing judges in the Superior Court. 

After researching the precedents for training and placing judges in the Superior court circuit of New Jersey I was amazed to find that having experience in the realm of law they oversee is not a prerequisite. In this particular case we have a family law judge who practiced personal injury, land use, real estate, and municipal law. It is my firm belief that most especially in cases of family law the judge should have familiarity with the real life physical and psychological impacts of their rulings. 

The NJ court is unique in the way that they staff the Superior Court; as each judge is hired they are often forced through a rotation to gain knowledge and experience in the various circuits. Typically, the first stop on that rotation is the family court. As many of you know the family court circuit is often the heaviest utilized in the Superior court system. One of the major issues with this system is the sheer amount of time it takes to appeal a bad judgment, it is not only extremely difficult without the help of a lawyer (which means more familial funds being tossed into an endless black hole of legal fees) and also an extensively long wait (usually upwards of 16 months). 

I believe it is time to force the NJ legislator to provide their constituents with a more equitable experience in the NJ courts. After seeing the harm that bad judgment can cause families in New Jersey first hand, it's time for Governor Murphy to put together a complaint to remove Judge William Ziegler from his post in the family law circuit and to put together a team to reevaluate the current precedents for training newly appointed judges, especially in the Family Law sector.