Mortgage, Rent and Bills FREEZE due to covid-19

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To New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy:

COVID-19 (also known as coronavirus) has been classified as a global pandemic. There are now 1914 total confirmed cases, including 20 deaths, in New Jersey. State and federal officials are encouraging people who feel sick to stay home, but many workers already struggle to make rent or mortgage payments. The choice to skip work for the sake of community health could leave them and their families unsheltered.

In order to protect the health and housing security of our community, we, the undersigned, call on Governor Murphy to act now so workers won't have to make that choice. Specifically, we call for a suspension of all rent, mortgage, and utility payments for 2 full months to allow people to do what they need to in order to take care of themselves, their loved ones, and the community. Work places are being closed, some people are being laid off, others are getting their hours cut drastically!!! With all of this happening, MANY Americans will not be able to afford to pay their rent, mortgage, bills and would be at risk of losing everything due to something that was not their fault to begin with. 

The legacy of every public official currently serving will be determined in the next few months.
It's time to act now, and choose the right side of history. Choose the people.