Gov Murphy, please open the NJ Race Tracks!

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Maurice Colontonio
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So NJ is opening State Parks, the Boardwalk, and Golf courses on Saturday, May 2. Meanwhile, many other recreational venues remain closed. One such victim of COVID-19 are the NJ Racetracks.

We were all perplexed when they were closed in the first place, as high performance driving and racing require no close contact outside of the spectator side of things. Why not open up the tracks to participants, but keep the spectators home? This would allow amateur competition and high performance driving schools to get moving again, where person to person contact is very low, and social distancing is easily implemented. One person per car, driver's meetings and classes can be held outdoors, participants maintain safe distancing in the paddock and proper PPE.

This is a great opportunity to get people back outdoors in a safe and controlled environment. It will also get some tourism into already depressed areas such as Millville, Vineland, Atco, and Swedesboro. Affected facilities include New Jersey Motorsports Park, Bridgeport Speedway, Raceway Park, and Atco Dragway, among others. I'm sure the many people employed at these venues will be happy to get back to work as well. 

We've all been couped up inside long enough, it's time to get out and enjoy some sunshine, burn some race fuel, and get back to the activities we love. Social distancing and other safe practices are easily implemented and enforced at these venues, so please join us in getting this message out to the NJ State Legislature.

Open up the Race Tracks!