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We, the residents of Kearny, ask the State Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and Governor Phil Murphy to close the Keegan Landfill in Kearny which is owned and operated by the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority (NJSEA).

Noxious odors emanating from this landfill permeate through town daily and is having a DETRIMENTAL IMPACT ON THE QUALITY OF LIFE for the residents of Kearny. Many are complaining of headaches, nausea and there are raised worries about difficulty breathing due to the odors.  Inspectors have verified elevated levels of hydrogen sulfide at the landfill.

The State’s continued operation of the Keegan Landfill poses a public health emergency and grave environmental harm. Violations issued by the DEP include:

• Illegal disposal of liquid sewage sludge on the site (July 2018).

• Never having obtained the required air venting permits (January 2019).

• A breach in the landfill’s slurry wall, which exposes the adjacent Kearny Marsh to contamination from the landfill’s leachate (February 2018). The Kearny Marsh is approximately 400 acres of significant freshwater wetlands which serve as a critical regional water bird habitat.

THE LANDFILL POSES A GRAVE HEALTH CONCERN TO THE COMMUNITY OF KEARNY since it is less than 1,000 feet from residences and only 1/4 mile from Franklin Elementary School which serves over 1,000 children in grades K to 6. The landfill is also near a municipal outdoor soccer facility known as Harvey Field, a municipal public works facility and several commercial businesses.  

What is being done to the residents of Kearny is a GREAT INJUSTICE and MUST END NOW.  We demand the State of New Jersey immediately revoke NJSEA’s operating permit and close the Keegan Landfill.