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Changes To Ontario Health And How Illicit Drug Users Are Treated

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Hello to everyone who is reading this. As most of us are very aware of the huge problem facing our province and country, as is most of the world, that being the use and deaths of illicit drugs. The day has come where it has hit close to home. My daughter of 30 years of age decided back In April to try crystal meth just once, she is now an addict. We have seen all over the news of Fentanyl overdoses and deaths. This drug mixed in with Crack, Heroin and Crystal Meth. These drugs on their own are destroying every being that uses them. One moment of feeling down, and that one " hit" and they are hooked. These drugs take everything absolutely everything away from the user. All those dirty needles that we see littered everywhere that makes us so angry! What we don't see, and I have been witness to? They were functioning people at one time. They had homes, children, money, dignity. All gone over just one try! We don't see the drug eat away at their minds, that they end up in a psychosis, hearing voices that the only way to stop them is through self harm. We don't see the side effects of the withdrawl that they would rather be dead. Their perception is so far gone that anything they say makes no sense what so ever. Watching my daughter is like watching a slow suicide. I know Im not the only parent, and I know this has to stop! Professionals have told me over and over again " they won't stop until they are ready" How does that even work if their mind is gone? Self harm? They are admitted for 72 hours and then let go for history to repeat itself. Our province has called this a national health crisis. The solution? To provide safe injection sites and needle dispensers. Sorry but that is allowing them to kill themselves. We as a society and parents need to step in when the lesser has no voice. I am asking the Premier and Health Minister to step up and take control! 

Longer Hospital stays when it comes to drug induced self harm ( any self harm)

Anyone on assistance and with proven drug abuse from Doctor has to take a mandatory Addiction counselling for at least a year, in order to get their monthly cheques.

   Stiffer and longer jail times for the dealers- One strike and you're out

I know these may seem harsh and we have to be to get it under control. This is for all the ones who have died and will continue.  

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