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Maintain Professor Gregg Fairbrothers as Tuck Professor and DEN Director

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One of Dartmouth’s best people, Professor Gregg Fairbrothers, is being forced to leave.  He has single-handedly grown entrepreneurship at Dartmouth for the past decade.  You can’t talk about entrepreneurship at Dartmouth without saying “have you met Gregg Fairbrothers?”. 

He uses his real-world experience to give others honest feedback on their entrepreneurial dreams.  He meets with anyone: Tuck students, Dartmouth students, faculty, staff, community members, etc.  His deeply rooted ethos of “pay-it-forwards” is at the core of our Dartmouth community and is what makes this place special.  He has extensive experience in entrepreneurship, having founded companies on 3 continents. One of the companies he founded, Samson Canada, sold for over $1 billion dollars.  

His accomplishments are legendary:

  • -He founded the DEN (Dartmouth Entrepreneurship Network)
  • -The DEN has worked seriously with over 400 companies plus an uncounted number of students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends of Dartmouth looking for advice, networking, or opportunities to learn.  
  • -Founder of the Dartmouth Regional Technology Center, which is a hub for -Dartmouth-related startups
  • He is a published author: he wrote "From Ideas to Success: The Dartmouth Entrepreneurial Network Guide for Startups"
  • -He teaches Tuck's Introduction to Entrepreneurship, 100 students, 800+ auditors across the country in 2014
  • -His students consistently rate his course as their all-time favorite during Tuck
  • -He’s made his availability a priority.  He sets aside time each week for non-Tuck office hours and will meet with anyone about anything- he’s met with undergrads simply to talk about career advice


President Hanlon has recently made experiential learning a top priority, and Professor Fairbrothers has been doing experiential learning long before it was a buzz word.  At the beginning of his Intro to E-ship course he always says that 85% of your learning will be done outside the classroom.  If you speak with any of his students they will tell you that you learn by doing and that ideas are worthless unless you execute on them.


Despite his overwhelming commitment to this school, his position has recently been eliminated for unclear, ambiguous reasons. 

What is clear is that we need Gregg.  Dartmouth can’t lose him. 


Desired Outcome:

Please urge the administration to keep Professor Fairbrothers as the Professor of Entrepreneurship at Tuck and as the Director of DEN.


Action Items & Timeline (in addition to signing the petition)

May 12-16 – We ask you to draft an EMAIL and send it to:

Philip Hanlon, President:,

Paul Danos, Dean of Tuck: Paul.Danos@Tuck.Dartmouth.Edu

Matthew Slaughter, Associate Dean of Faculty at Tuck:

Carolyn Dever, Provost, Dartmouth College:,

Gail Gentes, Director of Action Based Learning Programs:

Stephen Mendel, Chairman of the Board of Trustees: Dartmouth board assistant:

BCCing current undergraduate students (D’14/D’15) will print your email and post-mail it to the corresponding administrator’s office.


May 19-23 – We ask you to call the below offices as a follow-up to your email and ask for an audience with the decision maker:

Philip Hanlon, President: 603-646-2223

Paul Danos, Dean of Tuck: (603) 646-2460

Matthew Slaughter, Associate Dean of Faculty at Tuck:(603)646-2939

Carolyn Dever, Provost, Dartmouth College: (603) 646-2404 

Gail Gentes, Director of Action Based Learning Programs:(603) 646-2404

Stephen Mendel, Chairman of the Board of Trustees: Dartmouth board assistant – (603) 646-2221


Thank you for supporting someone who has been so supportive to Dartmouth!

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