Orange needs a coroner at the new hospital!

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Recently we have lost family members and friends over the Christmas period. When the hospital at Bloomfield area was built in orange a brand new autopsy room was built as a part of it however we DO NOT have a coroner working there therefore it is going unused. Every time someone dies and an autopsy is needed we are having to send our loved ones to Newcastle or sydney and dye to the backlog of the Christmas period it is going to take weeks before we can bury loved ones. And therefore also causing families to miss out on being able to have viewings if they wanted it at the funerals. I AM PETITIONING TO GET THE HEALTH SYSTEM TO HIRE A CORONER IN THE ORANGE AREA SO THAT WE MAY BE ABLE TO GET OUR LOVED ONES BACK QUICKER N NOT HAVE TO BE STUFFED AROUND N DRAG OUT THE GREIVING PROCESS AND FUNERAL MAKING PLANS FOR LONGER THAN IT IS NECESSARY!.

I have recently lost a family member and so far now they have had her body in Newcastle for a week and they say because of the backlog from Christmas that they can not have her body back to us to be able to have a funeral service for atleast another 1-3 weeks. Please sign this petition so that we can get a coroner put on in our own area so we can fix this problem that affects every family in this area who has or could lose loved ones in the future.