Sentenced to 12 Years For Having Phone in Jail - We Demand That Willie Nash Be Pardoned

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Willie Nash, Mississippi husband and father of three, was at the county jail on a misdemeanor when he asked an officer to charge the cell phone he walked in with.

Instead, he got a 12-year prison term for bringing the phone inside. The judge, Hon. Mark Sheldon Duncan, told him "consider yourself lucky". On January 2020, the MS Supreme Court upheld the sentence. While both the court and the sentencing judge invoked Nash's criminal history (two priors for burglary), he had no convictions since 2001.

"The concurring justice points out that prosecutors & the trial judge trampled justice in this case, though oddly thinks Nash still needs [rehabilitation] over this" - @KyleCBarry

The United States has the highest number of imprisoned people (over 2.3 million) whereas Russia, for example, has around 467,000. We must stop these inhumane and draconian sentences. Willie Nash is a human being and deserves to be reunited with his family. We demand that Governor Tate Reeves pardons him. 

If you wish to take more action, Mississippi Governor Tate Reeve's phone number is (601) 394-5600, (however, he may change it, but it should be on Google). He has the power to pardon Nash. Additionally, his email and address is available here:

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