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Remove Common Core from our schools!

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Dear Parents and future Parents,

As most all of you are aware, the Common Core standards were developed to prepare our children for their future, or so they say. They also said that jobs in the 21st century will require a more rigorous set of skills and knowledge that are valued by employers and higher education. They tried to reassure us as parents by saying that the Common Core standards would help ensure that our children would graduate high school with the core academic skills and knowledge necessary for success in college, careers and life. I, as a parent, believe that Common Core is doing more harm than good in most cases. As parents, we are supposed to give our children guidance, support and protection. It's our job as parents to help pave their road to success. It's also our job to steer our children in the right path.

The Common Core standards have tremendously had a negative impact on our student's grades and academic achievements, especially our elementary students. I know that I'm not the only parent in the state of Mississippi who has to sit and watch their child struggle with Common Core. I don't believe our children should be forced to know how to break down a simple addition or subtraction problem. However, I do believe that our children should be taught the most effective way to problem solve. Growing up we always heard, 'There's a million ways to skin a cat'. We all know that aspect is true, but do we have to know every single way to skin it? What happened to being taught the simple way? Work smarter, not harder. Right? Simplification is valued over complication.

It’s one thing to teach a child to endure life’s inevitable suffering for a higher purpose. It’s another thing to inflict children with needless suffering because you’ve got a society to remake. What would you rather have: Fake freedom, where others choose your end goal and end product, but lets you decide some things about how to achieve someone else’s vision for education, which by the way has to be the same for everyone everywhere; or genuine freedom, where you both pick your goals and how to achieve them, and you’re the one responsible for the results? Oops, that’s a trick question, moms and dads. In education, no one can pick the latter, because our overlords have already picked for us. Common Core or the door. We, the parents, are the voices for our children and we all need to speak up. It's time that we stand up, stand together to be heard and get Common Core out of our schools before it's too late.

Your tired of watching so many intelligent children suffer, frustrated Mama
Jessica Meredith

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