Free Adam Caudill- wrongfully accused

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I took it upon myself to investigate this case further, not only for this man’s son but because I have seen so many men accused, especially in the recent news, that I felt compelled to find out the truth, guilty or not, and decided I would post the results. Girl cries RAPE. NO DNA, man goes to prison. 

My mother always told me there are two to every story. None of you appear to know either side of this story. I will tell both sides, his account of the events that took place and her 6 different accounts of what took place. I will also post the evidence behind each story. Now the supposed “victim” is now 18 so I can legally use her name, but until I speak to her, I will leave her name out of it, until I feel it’s necessary. 

I will, however, post evidentiary material that is crucial to his case. This case lasted 5 years due to no evidence. Giving the lawyer the time he needed to buddy up and gain what he needed from the district attorney to better his career and the he handed Adam Caudill over to the DA on a silver platter. This lawyer did absolutely nothing to defend Adam Caudill, after getting paid in full. 

How many cases have we seen in the news accused, football players, celebrities, college boys, family members or even a neighbor, only to have their lives ruined by some scorned woman either seeking attention or money.

First of all, after doing my first set of extensive research, this is not the first person she has accused of some pretty horrible things and this is not the first person she has had put in jail because of her lies. Let me start by saying, that this is not a little innocent child, this was teenager doing drugs, drinking alcohol, getting expelled from school, and having some type of sexual relations with approximately 16 other males and females during the time of these allegations. Innocent, huh?! Where in the world were her parents?! This girl should have been home grounded for doing drugs and being expelled from school but instead was dumped on another family to deal with some obvious rebellious behavior and that behavior landed an innocent man in prison.

So I took it a step further and found out that the most important key to this case, is that this is strictly a he said/she said case. There is NO DNA evidence and there is no other evidence to prove that these two had sex at all. Adam Caudill has never been accused before or after, has no criminal history, and has never been in trouble with the law. 

According to my resources, this habitual lying teenager was so scared of her friends beating her up and cried rape so she could shift the attention and wouldn’t get in any more trouble and wouldn’t have to go to school that day! There is actual proof of this!
After getting my hands on this evidence, I started questioning attorneys and others involved, there is a thing called “rape shield law”, basically meaning that any incriminating evidence against her, could NOT be presented to a jury. Judge ruled - We could not even present to a jury that she was a habitual liar. We could not prove to a jury that she was actually hiding a relationship with a 27 year old man.
Adam Caudill was facing over 30 years because of an outdated Mississippi law, so he was forced to take a plea of 10 years day for day, in hopes of one day being reunited with his son.
As of 2017, the Jackson County, MS. District Attorney will not even pick up a he said/she said case. The DA will not charge a man of this type of crime without DNA evidence.
This girl, now woman, tried several times to recant on video, but was coerced not to (mostly by her own mother$) and instead she receives $25,000 from the MS victims compensation fund for this conviction and is looking to receive a half a million, yes $500,000, by suing the Moss Point School District at the persistence of her own mother. Funny thing is her mother suddenly cares now. Using her own daughter to get rich, quick. Using her own daughter like a whore. Kinda hard to recant when you are looking at getting PAID! Who’s the real rapist here?!

This appears to be another innocent man being a victim of the corrupt Jackson County justice system. Another innocent man being crucified with absolutely no evidence. This girl has not suffered by the hands of Adam Caudill, she has suffered by the evil of her own druggie mother, from the men her mother has subjected her to while her mother left her for months with boyfriends to go on her drug binges. I will also post her identity as time allows me. This girl suffers from all of her lies she has spread about her own friends and now she is riding into the sunset on her new horse with her new life. Not so fast honey. You can’t take that evil money and think there will be no consequences. That’s not how it works, I’m sorry to tell you.

She should be losing sleep for putting an innocent man in prison to keep from getting in a fight with people she was also falsely accusing, this is how it all started. If we had money, none of this would have even happened. Investigators took a man’s word and twisted it to fit their story. This man’s lawyer threw his own client, Adam Caudill (and who knows, how many others) to the wolves without a proper defense (which I will get into later) and Adam Caudill was railroaded. 9 out of 10 cases are never heard by a jury of your peers because the DA scares a person so bad, they are forced to take a plea. This particular lawyer caused a mentally ill child to commit suicide because the DA scared him with his lies and threats, so much that this child felt he had no other way out. Poor child, I pray for their family. This lawyer should be barred from the legal system, he never even tried to defend his client. He only submitted motions I insisted on submitting, motions I drew up personally to submit and that girl laughed in court as they were denied.

How many lives of young men are ruined from girls crying rape? It happens all the time!
I will continue to investigate further and get to the very details of this case and keep everyone updated. I will figure out legally what I am allowed to post and what I am not, as there is no such thing as Freedom of Speech anymore, even while a man sits in prison for a crime he did not commit. What I do know is this man is actually innocent and he does not deserve to be in prison. She (or her mother most likely) better hold on to that half a million, cause they will need it to pay for the consequences.
If this girl elects to recant and work with me to get this man back to his family, we will not seek restitution or retribution, as I believe most of this was forced on her by her own mother. Or she can keep it all, but her conscious will never rest, she will never sleep soundly and ultimately, God will serve justice here. But just know as long as Adam Caudill is in prison, I will not rest. I will remain LOUD and fight for his justice.  People need to know the facts before they judge and say monstrous things that only hurt this man’s little boy! He who is without sin, should cast the first stone.
Kids are extremely smart with devices these days and people do not realize ALL kids have access to the internet, do not be naive! Let this man’s son grieve with some privacy for his father.

Pray that this troubled girl will find it in her heart to tell the truth, for the truth will only set you free on your judgement day. He has 10 years, this will haunt you until the day you die and even after if God sees it.

p.s. For actual victims of a REAL crime, my heart goes out to you and I pray you have found justice. Please know that this investigation is in no way to take away what has happened to REAL victims. #metoo