School Safety Now! Mandate it! Fund It!

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Children are our future and our most precious resourse. They are in grave danger. Mass school violence is a continuing problem accross the nation and if not responded to will touch every community. It is a question of when not if ; but no further tragedies and necessary. When we had a problem with violence at our courthouse the response was immediate. Deputies manned guard posts and metal detectors were installed. No further incidents occurred. I am advised by teachers in my locality, North Carolina, school resource officers are not in every school, that no deputies are posted for security, no metal detectors are present, and no security  plan is in place for schools. Are our children less important that patrons of the court, or passengers on airlines? We all agree they are. Obtuse debates about guns and mental health only serve to distract and divide. Our children and grandchildren  need deputies posted, metal detectors, and real campus security. Please call for our North Carolina Legislators to mandate school safety and fund it now. The alternative is no security and our children vulnerable to death and injury. More tragedy and family members that will never return home, never share holidays, never share the joy of being a beloved family member. Surely we can find funds for school safey. Please contact Governor Roy Cooper, Senator Phil Berger, Thom Tillis, Richard Burr, and your state representative to mandate school safety and fund school safety.

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