Phasing out Coal and Fuel Oil power plants in Canada

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Today I want unite all Canadians to fight climate warming and convince our government to act NOW by phasing out coal and fuel oil power plants in Canada.


-Canadian are almost the most polluting country per capita in the world.        List of countries by carbon dioxide emissions

-Canada is the only country having quit Kyoto's protocol.

-Our environmental policy hurt our international relationships

-Use of coal power costs $300-million a year in health expenses in Canada.

-Coal pollution also leads to nearly 100 premature deaths, 700 emergency-room visits and 80 hospital admissions each year.

-We only have one planet.

What should we do:

- Convert all concerned power plants to greener power plant powered by biomass or gas if needed.

-Raise solar panels and wind turbines production to 20% of the national production.

-Promote domestic production.

-Help provinces where it's harder to produce electricity from a green source. Ex: the North West Territories

-Ban the purchase of United-States's electricity generated from coal.

-Use the 100 Millions dollars that our new goverment allows on green energy.

Proof that was possible:

-Alberta and Saskachewan, two major coal consumers, also have the best biomass production.

-Ontario is already phasing out their coal power plant.

-97,5% of Quebec's electricity is from renewable source.

From now on, Canadians no longer want these highly polluant power plants on their land.

Consequently, we demand the Canadian government to ban the production of electricity from coal plants AND fuel oil plants.

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