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Phasing out the Fayette coal-fired power plant is critical to ensure the health and livelihoods of nearby residents and farmers.

The Fayette coal-fired power plant has caused major environmental concerns over its serious failure to control sulfur dioxide and other acid pollutants with scrubbers on units 1 and 2 ever since coal burning began in 1979-80. The result has been thirty years of enormous volumes of sulfur dioxide and other acid pollutants spewed from Fayette’s units 1 and 2 smokestacks into the air and environment of Central Texas. Acid pollution can produce harmful effects to trees and other items, despite a lack of studies investigating air pollution impacts after the Fayette plant started up. Health effects may have occurred as well in the Fayette and downwind areas since studies associate coal plant emissions with adverse effects in people living up to thirty miles away.

Help central Texas farmers and let's phase out the Fayette coal-fired power plant.

Letter to
Councilman Bill Spelman
Mayor of Austin Lee Leffingwell
Councilman Chris Riley
and 4 others
Councilwoman Sheryl Cole
Councilman Mike Martinez
Councilwoman Randi Shade
Councilwoman Laura Morrison
I'm writing to ask you to consider taking steps to phase out the Fayette coal plant, and turn to renewable forms of energy to power Austin.

Make no mistake: coal is dirty and unhealthy. Austin’s coal plant—the Fayette Energy Center—produces the most pollution in our area. Toxic emissions like sulfur dioxide (acid rain), nitrogen oxides (ozone), particulate matter (dust in your lungs), and mercury (major development disorders) – are all extremely harmful to humans. The pollution from coal causes high health care costs from asthma, other respiratory illnesses, heart disease, brain disease and developmental disorders.

Make no mistake: Coal is ruining our agricultural heritage.. According to scientists, sulfur dioxide pollution is the primary cause of the extensive damage to Fayette County pecan orchards. The pecan orchards have been heavily devastated for thirty years as they sit near the Fayette coal plant . Worst yet, Fayette operates its number 1 and 2 boilers without any air pollution controls, like sulfur dioxide scrubbers.

Make no mistake: Austin can and should phase out Fayette. Instead of an old, dirty coal plant Austin can more aggressively implement energy efficiency measures in government, education, business, and residential sectors; and, aggressively build more and more renewable power like wind, solar, and other forms of clean energy. Austin can get out of Fayette without raising rates if it looks at all of its available options.

Austin is supposed to be a leader in clean energy, yet Austin still relies on the outdated Fayette coal plant for energy. Austin - Phase out Dirty Coal and Get Out of Fayette.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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