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Phase GMOs out of all Kashi products by 2014

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) have been linked to food allergies, increased pesticide exposure and even obesity [see:]

Kashi has built its brand on an identity of being healthy and natural, yet only 9 of their 96 individual products are certified GMO free. The rest have been found to contain genetically modified ingredients and even synthetic pesticide residues [See:]

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Turns out, when you sell your cereal as a wholesome, natural alternative to mass-produced junk and then fill your boxes with genetically modified ingredients, people get angry.

I am angry that of your nearly 100 products, only nine are certified GMO free, and you have only committed to phasing GMOs out of two additional items by 2014.

As a company that bills itself as "natural" you should be moving to eliminate genetically modified ingredients from ALL Kashi products by 2014.

It makes no sense for Kashi to source GMO ingredients, especially when there are organic, non-GMO alternatives like Food for Life and Cascadian Farms that are cheaper or equal in price with Kashi brand cereals.

Make the commitment to your customers and the public today: Make Kashi GMO-Free by 2014!