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Patients are being treated unfairly by Pharmacist,as they refuse to fill there pain medications! The D.E.A have cracked down on the wrong people. In Sanford Fla. The Distrabution Center that handled all the pain meds for Walgreens, CVC etc. They were caught by massive quanities of Oxycodone and other name pain meds went missing,possibly were sold on black market or else where, and Two CVS stores along with Walgreens went through 50 times more than other months in a few months back in 2010-2011. But so far the only people paying for these people breaking the law are the patients that cant get there prescriptions filled!!Patients are being told by pharmacist that the dont want to fill there meds,and if you ask why? They threaten you to call the police! I watched a man cry because he had been all over town trying to fill his wifes pain medication he had been up with his wife all night with her screaming out in pain from her stage 4 cancer!!!! Can you imagine here in the United States that you could be turned down by a Pharmacist to fill your doctors legal prescription  when your son, daughter mother or father are begging you to make the pain go away or please begging you to put them out of there pain and missery because they cant get the little relief a pain pill can do?Or all of the people you may know that are disabled from crushing car accidents,herniated disc in necks and backs, or syatica they are all very painful. Half of these people can work part - time and full time because of these little pills can take alot of the pain away for a bit.Until your in them shoes as they say you wont understand. Please just think about how these people must feel being treated like a second class person just trying to have some quality of life or some in there last days or months who just want some relief for there last days with family,nobody should have to deal with any of this. There are more people who truely need these medicines than there are abusing them!

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