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Pharma Society NI shouldn't penalise Trainee Pharmacist because of Tutor's fault (absence)

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Hi everyone,

I am a Pre-Registration Pharmacist and currently doing my 12 months supervised training here in Northern Ireland.

From mid October 2016 until mid November 2016, my tutor was not available to supervise mandatory 30 hours a week (as per contractual 'tutor student training contract with the Pharmaceutical Society) for 4 weeks, although I attended all those days and worked under trained Pharmacist (they weren't tutors). After notifying the society every week and getting no response from tutor and comments like ' Society will never know whether or not he is present to supervise me'. I decided and requested the PSNI for a change of trainee premises and tutor. The PSNI further took 1 week to process my application.

Now, the PSNI has come back to me with a new training end date of 05/09/17 (The previous 12 months training completion date was 31/07/17). This means an additional 5 weeks of unpaid training. Which means, I will be suffering in the following ways.

1. I wouldn't be able to sit in the June exams (06/06/17), as per PSNI, I am not fulfilling the requirement of minimum no. of weeks training. The earliest I can appear will be October exams. Which means, I will not qualify to work as a trained Pharmacist from 1st of August 2017. (All this because of my previous Tutor).

2. Will lose out on a Pharmacist pay from 01/08/17 until 18/10/17 (If I passed my June exam).

3. The next exam takes place in October every year (thats when I can sit earliest), hence will lose the chance of a re-sit any sooner. (Next available exams will be June 2018).

4. My training contract with the current employer is up until 31st July 2017, which means from 1st August 2017 onwards until end of October 2017, I wouldn't be able to pay my rent,bills, fuel and food etc for nearly 3 months.

5. Another pre-reg Pharmacist is starting his training on 01/08/17, hence there will an overlap of 2 pre-registrants and the premises isn't suitable for 2 trainees.

6. I have a family get together due to my brother's wedding in October and as an elder brother, I am the one organising this event, hence it will be very difficult for me to appear in the October exams, plus the financial sufferings.

* Suggested Proposal refused by the PSNI

I wrote to the Society, requesting to trade in my due 3 weeks annual holidays (as agreed with my employer) so I will fulfil the PSNI requirements of 12 months + extra 5 weeks (penalised time), if I work throughout the end of my training (until mid august) if they let me appear in the June exam. 

But society, refused to consider my proposal.

I did not question society's decision of penalising me with an extra 5 weeks of unpaid training, even though I followed the legal channel and informed the society on every step about my Tutor's continued absence.

My tutor should be penalised NOT ME, I turned up for work all those days in good faith and did the right thing by notifying the society. But it seems, I am losing out on a lot of things here and not being looked after/listened or considered.

* Every vote matters and will make a difference*

Please sign petition to support me, I know it is not a matter of life and death but sometimes raising voice for a good cause in order to support the oppressed person can mean a lot and it can help people shape their lives better.

Many thanks for your time.

Much appreciated



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