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Stop Prescription Only Codeine

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STOP the 1st of February 2018 up scheduling of Proposal, Regulation.

Shouldnt another pain killer be advertised (on shelf) with the same relief that’s not harmful.

Should the community get a say!

Did this change get handled professionally and in the right manner! 

Does the Human Rights Act 2004 apply here!

Sometimes the Doctors aren't available promptly for certain pain killers and sometimes pain can be throbbing to the point which normal paracetamol only eases and doesn't provide much relief. No one should have to experience any pain, how big or small when an easier solution can be maintained without the wait. How many residents of Australia have experienced sudden throbbing toothaches, throbbing mouth ulcers, muscle pain and on-going migraines? How many residents experience Paracetamol that only last for less then the 4 hours advertised on the packaging. 

Please help put a stop to this because not everyone is the same and not everyone can afford the Doctors or Ambulance. There are residents of Australia that have nervous system problems ETC which are left un-diagnosed or could take years to be diagnosed. Australians will most likely be unsure which pain is ok or not ; example if a left chest muscle is relapsing/Spasm hold can one guarantee thats all it is? To many people will be affected by this change especially if such illnesses are un-diagnosed. 10's of thousands are affected each year. Most common medication prescriptions such as diazepam are prescribed for muscle pain and nervous system problems that are on-going however the word is out that this medication cant be prescribed due to becoming immune to the effects. 

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