Share the pharmaceutical recipe for the COVID-19 vaccine

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Let's be honest, for all the amazing good in the world that pharmaceutical drugs do, their creators have been seen as no less than villains. The pharmaceutical industry is the villain in journalism and books, in films and documentaries, in comics, and even in music. And, can you blame people for seeing them in this light? Increasing the price for AIDS and cancer medicine to astounding heights because sales are always assured, influencing doctors with sales reps without disclosing downside risks and medicalizing every human condition to sell more antidepressants are just a few of their sins.

Well, welcome to 2020. COVID-19 is ravishing the world and this time the future is truly in their hands. The only thing people wish for is the release of a safe, tested, and tried vaccine to protect themselves and those they love. And yet, once again we seem to be heading for another monopoly game where everyone wants to be first to make all the bucks. And if all those bucks come from the same country, good luck rest of the world.

My proposal is simple: the first laboratory that creates the vaccine shares it with the others worldwide. Make complicated contracts. Get insurmountable royalties. I don't care. We don't care. Save us. Do the right thing for once.

Thanks for reading.