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Pleading for compensation for the negligible number of children affected by vaccines!

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Research has shown that there is no link between vaccines and autism. How can research prove this?

The conclusion is that autisim, paralysis of sections of the brain or nerve damage which rarely occur after children receive vaccines, are most likely due to chance. These are seldom due to malpractise; the method of insertion; or manufacturing flaws. Therefore any study done will accept the null hypothesis since the probabilty of this happening is only 1 out of every 10,000 or even less. 

There simply arent enough reported cases for this to be accepted. Therefor vaccines are indeed safe! However we know that they are not perfect. 

I am asking that the 1 child out of the 10,000 who suffers any form of physical damage be compensated rather than be told that there is no evidence to support their parents claim. 

We know that it can happen. We know that it has happened. We know that it is extremely rare. We know that the numbers are negligible compared to the numbers that vaccines save. We know that we can afford to compensate each of these children if all companies come together and take responsibility. 

Please sign this petition if you think that this proposal is reasonable and should be considered by all Pharmaceutical companies. 



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