Release the Research Funds (fellowships) on time.

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The most common and severe problem for a research scholar is the unnecessary delay in the release of their fellowships by their respective funding agencies. Months and years together ?! Who is responsible for this delay? #DBT #DST #UGC #ICMR #CSIR ? And they don't find time to reply for the mails we send.
Can their employee live without salary for few months or even with a delay of 1 or 2 days ? Can they imagine how tough it is to work without salary for a person who has responsibilities and lives in metro city!! If it is prior said that fellowships will be given 6 months or something, we can at least plan accordingly. But it is all unexpected.
Everyone speaks about growth and development of research in India?! But if you do not fund the researchers on time, how can you expect a positive result?

Yes it was our choice to chose research, but it does not mean that we should be treated like robots/slaves to get their work done! We are humans too with self respect. We too have commitments in life, and we are not asking for anything extra, but give us what is ours on time!