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     My name is Erica Cain and I have been a PGCPS student for the past 5 years. For the past 5 years I have put my education in the hands of PGCPS and I have seen my education slipping through their hands day by day. From the grade change scandal to the mold in food scandal, PGCPS has shown no progress at all.

         Recently the state of Maryland has had some drastic weather changes. PGCPS closed schools down for two days, let me remind you that spring break is around the corner and the end of the quarter was on March 22, that's one of the days PGCPS closed down all PGCPS schools. Later that night PGCPS announced that there would only be one day of spring break.

    People complained to PGCPS about our spring break being only one day. The response we got "Unfortunately there is little flexibility with Governor mandating when school year must begin and end....". Last school year PGCPS added not two days not three but about a week to our school year, last school year. 

     The students, parents, and teachers did not make it snow. We did not pull snow down from the sky so we could have snow days. I'm asking Governor Larry Hogan or whoever is the board director of PGCPS because it seems like it can be anyone, to change back our spring break to the original days and extend the quarter for two more days.

     Signing this petition will show how important us students care about our education and who runs it. It will also show that we have the support from our teachers and parents.

     Enjoy your snow day!