Make PG Red realise his ways

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(credit to my buddies Poyoz and Frosty for helping me make this description)

PG red is a YouTuber who made a ton of racial slurs in the past and does not see anything wrong with it, meanwhile his friend Gabriel Sonicstar false reports a YouTuber's videos cause he dislikes him.

PG red has harassed a YouTuber named RedSheep HaterNation, he claims that he has changed but he never apologised to the people who he forced to quit social media.

Once, a YouTuber named "TCAAC THE TOP COMMENTER" made a video on PG Red for harassing his fans and PG red attacked everyone who enjoyed the video.

he even went as far to say "f**k you n****r" to a fan of TCAAC.

he also said a lot of racist things to people who had a different opinion, however
"f**k you n****r" isn't his first racial slur. He said something worse before that.

PG Red should at least apologise to the people he harrassed.

 Please sign to show PG Red how much people think his actions are wrong.

P.S: Do not take the racist things in the linked video as offensive to you. It is just an example of how bad PG Red is.

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