PG&E: Insulate Your Power Lines to Improve Fire Safety!

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Robin Brune
Robin Brune signed this petition

I live in a high-fire threat district. My community is subject to PG&E's "Wildfire Safety Program" in which PG&E is seeking to remove trees and vegetation within a  12 ft. radius (24 ft. diameter) around power lines and poles. They are in the process of cutting down hundreds of trees in my county. I live in the forest and I care about trees. I am personally affected and concerned about the "Wildfire Safety Program."

PG&E's "Wildfire Safety Program" will have an indelible impact on heavily forested areas, thus causing the potential loss of critical habitat, and increasing the likelihood of erosion and the introduction of invasive species, among other environmental and safety concerns.

I want PG&E to conduct a robust public outreach program in which PG&E explains the program, including the limits of their authority, and responds to specific questions and concerns from homeowners and members of the public about the program and PG&E's overall fire safety.

I want PG&E to improve fire safety by insulating power lines, thereby reducing the need to remove trees and vegetation. I also want PG&E to update its infrastructure to use other measures to improve fire safety. PG&E should follow the example of Southern California Edison, which has proposed a $582 million investment in a "Grid Safety and Resiliency Program" which includes a proposal to replace 600 miles of overhead power lines in high-risk fire areas with insulated wire by the end of 2020.

I fully agree with and support the October 18, 2018 letter of Assemblymember Mark Stone (District 29) and Supervisor Bruce McPherson (5th District, Santa Cruz County) asking PG&E to immediately adopt prioritization of infrastructure improvement and to provide specific information about PG&E's plans to replace and improve lines, poles and other infrastructure. If I don't live in these districts,  by signing I am saying that I want this for my district, too.