Demand EUA for 6-24m Pfizer COVID Vaccine

Demand EUA for 6-24m Pfizer COVID Vaccine

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Started by Hannah Early

We, the undersigned parents, family members, and concerned citizens, request that Pfizer & BioNTech file for emergency use authorization (EUA) for the 2-dose COVID-19 vaccine for the 6-24 month age group. The company's data suggests that the vaccine is both SAFE and EFFECTIVE in this population. It is both unethical and discriminatory to restrict vaccine access for the 6-24 month cohort on the grounds that the vaccine has yet to be proven effective in the 2-4 year old cohort.

Statements by Pfizer & BioNTech suggest that the company is waiting to request EUA for the 0-5 age group because the most recent 2-dose trial data showed that the vaccine was safe but ineffective in the 2-4 year old cohort. The company has commenced a 3-dose trial to see if this improves vaccine efficacy in the 0-5 age group as a whole. However, this unfortunate finding in the 2-4 year old age group should not preclude the administration of the life-saving shot in the 6-24m age group. This decision has significant ethical ramifications as well as consequences for public health and gender equality.

1. It is unethical to withhold the vaccine from 6-24 month olds if the data suggests that it is both safe and effective: Given the known and unknown threats of the COVID-19 virus for the health and safety of those that contract it, it is ethically imperative to make the vaccine available to all age groups as soon as it can be shown to be safe and effective. The 6-24 month and 2-4 year old groups should be de-coupled and treated as separate populations given evidence of vaccine efficacy in the 6-24 month group (i.e. babies shouldn't be held back from getting the vaccine just because toddlers can't yet be vaccinated). 

2. It is in the best interest of local, national, and global public health to make the vaccine accessible to as many people as possible, babies included:  Given the rapidly spreading Omicron variant and the strain on the healthcare system and other essential workforces, it is important to vaccinate as many people as possible. Vaccinating 6-24 month olds can help close the vaccine gap. From the beginning of the pandemic the importance of vaccinations has been clear; vaccinating yet to be vaccinated populations will slow the spread of the virus, and thus will help to bring about the end of the COVID-19 pandemic. This remains true of the 6-24 month cohort. Authorizing infant vaccines will also help to keep this age group and their family members safe and reduce strain on healthcare systems (i.e. we don't want to see babies hospitalized for COVID if it can at all be prevented). 

3. Many parents feel as though they cannot seek out-of-home childcare until their children are vaccinated. Broadening vaccine availability in this age group will allow working parents, and particularly mothers, to return to work sooner knowing their children are protected from severe disease: The COVID-19 pandemic has caused incredible strain on working parents and has pushed many women out of the workforce. Access to vaccines for young children is directly related to many parents' comfortability enrolling their children in out-of-home childcare, and thus, in returning to work. Providing access to vaccines for the 6-24 month age group will reduce the strain on working families who voluntarily or by necessity enroll their children in out-of-home childcare (i.e. parents shouldn't have to choose between their career and their child's safety). 

Thus, we implore Pfizer & BioNTech, the CDC, and the FDA to reconsider the decision to wait for 3-shot data before vaccinating 6-24 month olds. We request EUA for infant COVID-19 vaccines NOW. 

17 have signed. Let’s get to 25!