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That is the peaceful message we have been attempting to spread amongst our school for the past couple of months. Following an unjust censorship of many brave Pepe lovers in our community we have decided to take a stand.

Pepe has been wrongfully labeled as a hate symbol, and a symbol of white supremacy by western politicians. Due to this certain teacher/s in our school have chosen to ban pepe, and we don't believe that should be the case. This is especially confusing baring in mind how the school sees no problem in showing Socialist symbols and figures.

Sign this petition to save poor Pepe from his unjust labeling, and set him into liberty


Here are some frequently asked questions about Pepe:

1) Isn't Pepe just a sad frog?
Yes, yes he is. Pepe is quite literally nothing more than a frog, a frog that comes in many different variations. From Sad to smug, Pepe is a meme full of variety

2) Didn't ADL (Anti Defamation league) classify it as a hate symbol?
This is quite a common misconception, one used by enemies of Pepe quite a lot. In reality, the ADL classified racist and bigoted versions of Pepe as a hate symbol. Regular versions of Pepe do not, And should not be classified under the same category as their racist versions.
3)Why should it not be called a hate symbol if It can be made racist?
Pepe is nothing more than a template. A thing that can be changed and modified to represent whatever one desires, quite like a piece of clay. You would not ban clay and paint just because they can be used to make a swastika? So why do the same to Pepe?

4)What can I do to support the cause?
Simply use pepe. Wear pins of him, make memes using him, set your profile as him. This entire movement is here to show that Pepe was and always will be close to our hearts. That we believe Pepe is nothing more than an innocent meme. To show that Pepe is just a innocent frog. Show that you stand against the wrongful prosecution of Pepe. (or sign this petition)

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