PetValu: Stop Selling Betta Fish

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According to biologist Jonathan Balcombe, author of "What A Fish Knows", science has laid to rest the myth that fish do not feel pain and has proven they are, in fact, sentient beings with meaningful lives.  In their natural habitat, Betta fish navigate shallow waters in rice fields, ponds and slow-moving streams that can stretch for kilometers.  Yet PetValu displays them in plastic cups and sells tiny tanks as their permanent "homes".  These do not satisfy even their own care guide that states "They are most happy when they have room to swim, play, hide and interact with their surroundings".  Reducing these beings to mere decorations does nothing to teach children about respect for animals, but only reinforces the idea they are here for our use.  Please sign this petition asking PetValu to discontinue the selling of Betta fish at their stores.