Stop petsmart husbandry issues

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I usually have a 0 problems with my experience in petsmart. Unfortunately this day was not one of Them. A little back story about why I visited the store, I have a male ball python And I was hoping to come in and find a female to breed with. Unfortunately when I came in I found a small ball python that had a stuck shed and was emaciated. I looked and the enclosure and not only do you have incorrect humidity you also incorrect beddng for ball pythons. so not only was this ball python emaciated to nearly the point of Death, he appeared To have two shed cycles stuck on his head. This is caused by incorrect humidity levels. When I addressed a staff member about the husbandry issues he told me that care for these animals was passed down from corporate. If these animals are to be sold in your store it is your job to Educate yourselves on how to responsibly care for these animals. I took pictures and will be contacting the Better Business Bureau as well as other organizations. Something needs to be done about the lack of education from staff on the care of these animals especially if it's leading to sickness or death. If the staff doesn't understand how these animals are supposed to look or act when healthy how are they supposed to educate the customers who buy these animals in proper care for them. This was so disappointing and you have lost a customer. I will return my business when this company educates themselves on proper care for the animals it sells. If anyone would like to reach out I'd be more than happy to speak to someone about this issue.

I called and spoke to a Manager about selling a sickly ball python for a lesser price since leaving him to be cared for was weighing on me and she said that there was nothing wrong with him and the husbandry was not off and they wuldnt come down on the price lol. Also that they'd have A vet look at him (likely he will end up in the trash) A simple Google Search will tell you that if his husbandry wasn't off then he wouldn't have a stuck shed. And if he was perfectly healthy like they claim he is his spine would not have been hanging out and to his skin would not have been hanging off of him. I love the fact that reptiles are sold in local pet stores but if you don't know what you are doing then you shouldn't do it. Don't act like you know what you're Doing and an risk and animal's life.
Also ball pythons should not be housed together.. you had the emaciated snake housed with another np. Once again if you were educated on how to properly care for them you would know that housing ball pythons together and most snakes together is actually very stressful for them.

I hate the fact that I had to literally argue about the health of the snake .. like.. you Don't even have to be experienced to know that the Snake was not in good health. Not to mention all I had to do was glance at his enclosure to know that everything was inproper.


This is not the first time I've seen ongoing husbandry issues and lack of infomation On the animals being sold. I want it fixed or for the aimals to stop being sold.

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