Stop housing bettas in cups at PetSmart

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Is PetSmart improperly named? It seems to be so, given the extreme ignorance and carelessness taking place in their worldwide pet stores. 

Trapping obviously innocent and delicate living creatures, namely betta fish, also known as Siamese Fishing Fish, in tiny, dirty, improperly-managed cups is not what I'd call smart, nor neglecting water changes and proper living spaces. It's clear to see that betta fish in PetSmart stores are routinely denied proper care. 

I entered my local PetSmart and asked to speak to the manager. After pointing out the several diseased and dead fish in the cups, including fish suffering from swim bladder, fin rot and ich, I proceeded to inform the manager that these issues cannot be solved without providing the fish larger living spaces.

The manager assured me that the water would be changed that day, and that they could not do anything about the size of the habitats because that ability was not in their hands.

I refrained from pointing out that these issues cannot be fixed by a simple water change, and left it at that. No difference, however, was made for the suffering betta fish in question, and they continued to inhumanely thrive in the filthy cups and die from illnesses. 

Sign this petition telling PetSmart that they need to step up their fish care and provide their betta fish living spaces of no less than one gallon of water.


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