Setting the Bar Higher for Betta Care

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The Betta Fish Keeper Community has noticed a recent influx in Betta Fish marketing that does not support the humane treatment of Betta Fish. 

Betta Fish are often times miss treated in their homes due to lack of knowledge in the Box Pet Stores/ Pet Store Chains, like Petsmart. Some employees do their best to educate people as how to properly house a Betta for optimal quality of life. Yet, everyday people go home with half gallon, unfiltered, unheated tanks for their Bettas to live a sad unhealthy life (and often times even smaller tanks). 

As of late, Petsmart and their brand “TopFin” have released a new line of tanks marketed to Bettas. These tanks suggest all a Betta needs is a .25 gal tank. Also, that three Bettas can live in a 1 gal divided tank with clear dividers. We in the fish keeping community expect a leader in the industry to set the bar higher on standard of care for a Betta Fish. 


The smallest acceptable tank size for a Betta is 1 gal, though not recommended. The best tank size is  a minimum of 2.5 gals. Fish require a tank with a “cycle”, that being a completed ongoing nitrogen cycle. You cannot support a cycle in a tank smaller than 2.5, especially not without a filter. Furthermore Bettas are Tropical climate fish that thrive best in water around 80F. This requires a heater. 


Our request is that Petsmart change their suggestions and marketing to support the proper care of Betta fish, with a minimum tank size of 1gal. No more .25 gal or .5 gal tanks. This is a mid way point between what you currently offer and what we think would be optimal. Instead of offering Betta kits with .25 aquarium and a plant and baggie of gravel you should be offering a kit of 1gal tanks with a low watt heater and a small filter. 

Bettas do not have a voice so now we are speaking up for those who cannot be heard. Sign the petition and let Petsmart know that this isn’t an acceptable way to treat a living creature. 

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