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Petitioning PetSmart

PetSmart: Recognize and extend benefits coverage to same sex marriage spouses in all 50 states

I got married and have a spouse, not a "domestic partner". PetSmart will not recognize my marriage for benefits coverage unless state law forces them to.

Currently they recognize opposite sex marriage and same sex domestic partnerships only, unless state law requires otherwise.

In 39 states if you are in a same sex marriage or in a domestic partnership with the opposite sex, benefits will NOT be extended to your partner.

Therefore I would have to establish a domestic partnership under risk of perjury, and straight couples would have to marry in order to receive benefit coverage.

Or we can all lie.

Of the 4 commonly recognized "families", PetSmart will only cover 2.

Policies like this were made to appease same sex couples and cut costs. Unfortunately the sad fact is that unless required by state law, PetSmart will not recognize a same sex marriage. 

Separate and not equal.

I ask that they institute a companywide policy change that includes ALL spouses and ALL families from ALL states.

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Please change your benefit coverage policies to include same sex spouses and opposite sex domestic partnerships in all 50 states.