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No More Wire Mesh Wheels For Hamsters In PetSmart!

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We're asking PetSmart to stop using wire mesh wheels for their hamsters. PetSmart uses wire mesh wheels for all rodents, as gerbils can chew through plastic wheels, but they're horrifically unsafe for the hamsters. As hamsters can't speak up for themselves, we're urging you to do so on their behalf!

Why aren't wire mesh wheels safe?

They can scratch up the hamsters foot, or cause bumblefoot. When a cage isn't cleaned often enough, and the hamsters feet end up scratched up, there can be nasty infections. Wire mesh wheels cause cuts and scrapes, and bacteria can get into them. This, as you can imagine, will end up being horrifically painful for the hamster. Plastic wheels don't have this issue, and are much, much safer for the hamsters involved. The hamsters won't have to live in pain.

What can PetSmart do?

For starters, they need to stop having wire mesh wheels in their hamster enclosures. It sends the wrong message to potential hamster owners right off the bat, and can hurt the hamsters there. If PetSmart truly cares about the lives of their animals - which I firmly believe they do - I hope that they'll spend the extra dollar or two per wheel to get a safe alternative. 

How can I help?

Sign this petition, share it with your friends, and tell PetSmart to stop using wire wheels!

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