End the abuse of Betta fish

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yolanda schultes
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As someone who has owned several Betta fish, I have done some research and learned that some people treat their Bettas horribly and keep them in terrible conditions, and there are no laws against this abuse.

Many people keep their Betta fish in a vase with flowers as a decoration. They are not regarded as living beings that deserve respect and instead are seen as objects used for decoration.

Bettas are also known as Siamese fighting fish, because when kept together, Bettas will instinctively fight one another to the death. This results in the death of one Betta and serious injury to the other.

Just like any other animal, Betta fish deserve respect and proper care. My goal is to make it illegal for either of the two actions I previously stated. Animal abuse is general illegal in Canada and the United States, but there are no laws against either of these actions.

Bettas are very intelligent and can even learn to recognize their owners and do simple tricks. Just like any other animal, they deserve to be treated well. 

Please sign to help save Betta fish from living in poor conditions.