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Do not advertise guinea pigs as holiday or starter pets

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Animal rescues and shelters are full of unwanted exotic animals, especially guinea pigs, because they are being sold as Christmas gifts and starter pets. Guinea pigs are FAR from being a starter pet. First, guinea pigs are herd animals and a minimum of two should be purchased. The optimum cage size for two guinea pigs is 30" x 50". Their diet requires unlimited hay supplemented with vitamin C and fresh vegetables. Furthermore, most vets don't even see exotics, but the ones who do are rather expensive which is an even greater burden to the pet owner. Without the proper instruction, potential pet owners have no idea that they are killing their new pet! 

Petsmart sells plenty of wonderful supplies and really does not need to abuse animals by keeping them in inappropriate enclosures until they are purchased. I understand that is a major leap to take, so I'm only asking that they stop advertising purchasing pets as gifts.

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